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Welcome to The Dots – your go-to conscious resource directory that facilitates your inner healing journey and helps you connect the dots so you can live a more awakened life.

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Get to know yourself. Inside and Out.

Are you feeling lost in life? Disconnected with yourself, in your relationships and even at work? Yearning for change, but you simply don’t know where to start? Then you’ve come to the right place. 

The Dots is a brand-new conscious resource directory packed full of curated resources from all over the world which helps to guide you on your healing journey with yourself as well as with others and gives you a fresh new and conscious perspective on your relationship to work, parenting, how we treat the Earth and how we view the end of life.

Our Story

The Dots was founded by Dr. Chloe J Hill, who, whilst living in Amsterdam during Covid times, found herself staring at a canal one day and wondering to herself “all these resources I’m unearthing for personal growth and healing all need to be in one place”. And so the story of the Dots begins.

Check out how the dots came to be and learn more about what makes us tick with our guiding vision and mission.

How we have helped others on their journey

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